Serve honestly, strengthen customer service skills, and have the ability to deal with emergencies
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Enterprise service purpose - honest service
In order to truly realize the tenet of "serving users, being responsible to users, and satisfying users", thereby improving the status of Mingchuan Electric products in the country and the popularity of users, Mingchuan products have introduced the concept of service from the beginning of design, and extended the connotation of services. In this series of links from product design, production, marketing and after-sales service. Mingchuan takes users as the center, strengthens various services and fully implements the "customer satisfaction project", and earnestly does 100 points for every Mingchuan user! Establish a good corporate image among users, so as to win the welcome of users, expand domestic and foreign markets, and increase the competitiveness of enterprises.
1. Establish and improve the quality assurance system of the enterprise, strengthen quality management, and ensure that the manufactured products meet the national industry standards or the technical conditions stipulated in the contract.
2. The equipment and products supporting key projects are guaranteed to be delivered according to the contract requirements. For those who need technical services, professionals will be sent to participate in unpacking and acceptance and guide installation and debugging until the equipment is in normal operation.
3. Guarantee to provide users with excellent pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. Introduce product performance and usage requirements for users before ordering, provide relevant information, and be a good user's staff.
4. Carry out technical training according to the needs of users, carry out quality tracking and user access to important users, improve product performance according to user needs in a timely manner, and continuously improve product quality.
5. From the date of purchasing Mingchuan products, the products enjoy a one-year warranty and life-long maintenance.
6. The city will arrive at the scene within 4 hours and the field within 24 hours to ensure the fastest solution to the problem.
7. Implementing nationwide joint guarantee, when users buy Mingchuan products from other places and there is a failure, Mingchuan will immediately contact the dealer where the user is located to provide services to provide users with the greatest convenience.
8. Technical professional user training and online support.
Strengthen customer service skills
1. Patience
Patience is not only important to customers, it is also crucial to service effectiveness. So, it takes time to really figure out what customers want and what services they need. Patience should not be used as an excuse for lazy service, but rather fast service with good quality.

2. Strong adaptability
Every client is different, and some may even change from week to week. To do a good job of service, you should have the ability to deal with emergencies and sense the emotions of customers and adjust accordingly.

3. Clear communication
Make sure to convey the meaning of the service accurately to the customer, use positive language, and maintain a happy mood.