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Leackage Circuit Breaker
AC230V/AC400V AC110V/AC220V AC240V/AC440V 10A/16A/20A/25A/32A/40A/50A/63A/80A AC ELCB/AC RCD/AC RCBO
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    Product Introduction

    NQB2LE-80K leakage circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated working voltage 230V~400V, rated current up to 63A line, mainly consists of zero sequence current transformer, electronic component board, leakage circuit breaker and overload short circuit protection function , It can also increase the overvoltage and undervoltage protection function according to the needs of users, which is used to protect people from indirect contact and overcurrent protection to buildings and lines for similar purposes. It can also provide protection against fires caused by ground faults that persist due to inoperative overcurrent protection devices. The leakage circuit breaker with overvoltage protection can also protect the overvoltage caused by the grid fault. The product has a toggle button, which can turn off the leakage protection function when temporarily using electricity under maintenance or confirmation of safety. It only provides overload and short-circuit protection, and the leakage protection function is turned on after the maintenance is completed.

    The NQB2LE-80K new leakage circuit breaker has been increasingly used in low-voltage power distribution systems as backup protection for ground faults, direct contact, and indirect contact electric shock. This product is mainly used for the protection of architectural lighting and power distribution systems, and meets the requirements of IEC61009-1 standards.


    Model Meaning


    Protections and Functions

    Leackage protection

    Short circuit protection

    Overload protection 

    (overcurrent protection)

    Isolation function


    Technical Parameters


    1. NQB2LE-80K Datasheet

    PDF file (click to view)