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Leackage Circuit Breaker
AC230V/AC400V AC110V/AC220V AC240V/AC440V 10A/16A/20A/25A/32A/40A/50A/63A AC ELCB/AC RCD/AC RCBO
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    Product Introduction

    DZ47LE-63D series residual current circuit breakers are suitable for AC 50Hz circuits with rated operating voltage of single-pole two-wire, two-pole 230V, three-pole, three-pole four-wire, four-pole 400V, and rated current up to 63A. They are used for indirect contact protection of humans, as well as overcurrent protection for buildings and similar applications. They can also provide protection against fires caused by grounding faults that persist due to the non-operation of the thousand overcurrent protection device. Residual current circuit breakers with overvoltage protection can also protect against voltage surges caused by power grid faults.

    This series of products are increasingly being used as backup protection for grounding faults and direct contact and indirect contact electric shocks in low-voltage distribution systems.

    The products comply with GB 16917-1 and IEC 61009-1 standards.

    Normal working conditions

    · Ambient air temperature: The upper limit should not exceed +40°C, the lower limit should not be lower than -5°C, and the average temperature over a 24-hour period should not exceed +35°C.

    Note 1: For working conditions with a lower limit of -10°C or -25°C, the user must declare it to the manufacturer when placing an order.

    Note 2: For working conditions with an upper limit exceeding +40°C or a lower limit below -25°C, the user should consult with the manufacturer.

    · Installation location: The altitude should not exceed 2000m.

    · Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity of the atmosphere should not exceed 50% at an ambient air temperature of +40°C. Higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperatures, for example, up to 90% at +20°C. Appropriate measures should be taken for occasional condensation caused by temperature changes.

    · Pollution degree: 2.

    · Installation category: Class II and Class III.


    · Installation conditions: The external magnetic field at the installation site should not exceed 5 times the geomagnetic field in any direction. Generally, it should be installed vertically, with the handle in the upward position for the power-on position. The installation site should be free from significant impacts and vibrations.