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Circuit Breaker
AC220V/230V AC380V/400V AC110V/127V 3A/5A/6A/10A/16A/25A/32A/40A/50A/63A AC MCB
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    Product Introduction

    DZ47-63D high breaking miniature circuit breaker is mainly suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated working voltage 230V/400V and below, rated current up to 63A circuit. The circuit breaker is composed of plastic shell, operating mechanism, contact arc extinguishing system, tripping mechanism and so on. The shell is made of special plastic with high flame retardancy and high strength, which has strong impact resistance and light weight.

    Circuit breakers are mainly used for overload and short-circuit protection of lighting, distribution lines and equipment in office buildings, residential buildings and similar buildings. They can also be used for infrequent switching of lines under normal conditions. This product complies with IEC60898, IEC60947 and GB10963 and other standard requirements.


    Model Meaning


    Protections and Functions

    Short circuit protection

    Overload protection 

    (overcurrent protection)

    Isolation function

    Auxiliary control function


    Technical Parameters


    1. DZ47-63D Datasheet

    PDF file (click to view)

    >Pictures (click to view)

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    2, 2p-63a-pictures